I don’t come from the Corporate world. I come from a performing arts background and that’s where I’ve spent most of my career. Then one day, someone suggested I teach what I do at the company they worked for. Coming in from the outside, I had no idea what to expect.

From the outside, these big historic names can seem monolithic, each one an impenetrable wall. But when I got on the other side of those walls, what I found was surprising. All of these enormous and iconic brands, these institutions, are made up of people. People who believe that the work they are doing every day contributes something of value to the world. They get up every morning and they head into their office believing that the work they will do there will be a good for their community, their colleagues, and the world they want to live in.

When I got these people talking about what they do, over and over again, it wasn’t their salary or their career track they talked about. They talked about the lives and communities they had positively impacted, they talked about the progress they felt like they were a part of.

In the modern world, large corporations cannot be impenetrable walls anymore. In the modern era of 24 hour news coverage and an ever-evolving social media landscape that gives everyone innumerable points of contact with a business, corporations and the people that make them up can no longer afford to leave people guessing at their intentions.

You believe the work you do has value. You believe you contribute something good and important to the community you live in. Storytelling can help you communicate that to the world in a personal, human way. It can help the people inside your company connect with the people outside, be they clients, investors, potential partners, or even critics.

So, what’s your story?


“Brad is a phenomenal storytelling teacher. He’s experienced enough to know how to fortify your strengths and (diplomatically) transform your weaknesses. His classes are fascinating—in part because his method includes showing, in the form of some pretty well-honed (and hysterical) stories from his own interesting life. And he's great at building the group dynamic...and also following up with incisive one-on-one coaching. I emerged from a 6-week course with solid tools and an approach that will serve me, personally and professionally, for the rest of my life.” 

 – Jean Tang, CEO, MarketSmiths

“I took Story-telling Level 1 and 2 with Brad and Cyndi. To say that it was a life-changing experience is an understatement! The class offers a fun, supportive environment to learn the essential aspects of what makes a good story. I also loved that Brad incorporates relevant real-world scenarios, from personal growth to business situations. I am now empowered to tell stories that capture an audience, large or small. Warning: you might laugh a lot, or find yourself being moved to tears at times by the emotions and stories that come up. Anyway, you will learn a very useful life skill, have a ton of fun, with a great group of peers. I highly recommend taking this class!”

 – Henry V. Bao, Founder & Chief Question Asker, 10 NEXUS